"Empire State of Grind" | FREE DOWNLOAD

To close the intense promotion phase for our last EP "The Backspin Project" we hit you with another banging Boom Bap Bomb - Empire State of Grind. It´s actually just one song that didn´t make it on the original EP due to playtime reasons, but we still wanted to come up with that present before we "are out" for a long break. So, dig the tracklist and artwork below and go to losthillmusic.bandcamp.com as of 1st September to get the last official Sound Survivors stuff before the crew is "off"! 


Release: Sunday, 1st September 2013

Format: Digital only

Beat: DJ Tom Select

Cuts|Arrangement|Mix: DJ Tom Select @ Lost Hill Studios

Mastering: Robin Schmidt @ 24-96 Studios/Karlsruhe

Artwork: Marabou & DJ Tom Select

Download Package | "Empire State of Grind"

01: Empire State of Grind (Vocal Version)

02: Empire State of Grind (Instrumental Version)    

03: Poor Man (Bonus Instrumental)

04: Yours Sincerely (Bonus Instrumental)

05: Full Artwork, Alternative Cover & Bonus Pictures


Get the full version of "Empire State of Grind" here!


"The Backspin Project | some summer sessions with turntables & mics"

Our new release called "The Backspin Project|some summer sessions with turntables and mics" hit stores worldwide 12th July 2013. The project has been recorded during our joint Summer holidays 2012 in the US, France, Germany and Switzerland and is heavily focussed on the role of the DJ as the initial and most important element in Hip Hop culture. Thus, it puts the spotlight on a band member who usually rather works in the background - our DJ.


All songs have been performed in joint jam sessions and in various studios, afterwards the best breaks, beats and verses have been selected and pressed on Vinyl so that our DJ was able to record the entire master tape directly from his DJ set - including all the vocals, breaks, sounds and effects. Listening to "The Backspin Project" makes one feel like attending a live DJ- or Soundsystem-Set, mixing old scratch styles and techniques with the latest skills ... Pure Hip Hop is supposed to sound like this!


Release: Friday, 12th July 2013

Format: 12" Vinyl EP (white Vinyl), CD, Digital

Beats: DJ Tom Select

Guests: RZA, U-God, Masta Killa, Cappadonna, Craig G., M-Eighty, Nino Graye and more!

Production: Sound Survivors for Lost Hill Music 2013

Cuts|Arrangement|Mix: DJ Tom Select @ Lost Hill Studios

Mastering: Robin Schmidt @ 24-96 Studios/Karlsruhe

A&R: Tom Select, Matthew "M-Eighty" Markoff

Cover Artwork: Rawlin´ Hood Moses

Press Pictures: Inés Kieferle for Bildwerk7 (www.bildwerk7.de)

Promotion: SureShot Promotions/Berlin


Tracklist Vinyl Edition:

A1: The Backspin Session | Homage to the DJ 

      (w/ RZA, U-God, Masta Killa, Cappadonna, Aslaam Mahdi, Al.X)

A2: The Goblin Session | Street Math

      (w/ Tos-El Bashir)

A3: The Hennessy Session | I can hear the Rooster crowing

      (w/ Nino Graye)

B1: The Daddy Real Session | Operating correctly

      (w/ Jaecyn Bayne, M-Eighty)

B2: Take it back (Bonus Acapella)

      (by Craig G.)

B3: The Board Session | See the fire up on the Hill

B4: The Bongwater Session | Verbal Voodoo Freestyle

      (w/ Nino Graye, M-Eighty)

B5: The Last Stand Session | The drum rises in the East

      (by DJ Tom Select)


Sound Survivors on soundcloud w/ various songs off THE BACKSPIN PROJECT

Sound Survivors | Inauguration w/ RZA, U-God, Masta Killa, Cappadonna

Our 12" intro and a first appetizer off the new Sound Survivors EP "The Backspin Project"


Beat/Cuts: DJ Tom Select

Video Production: Fantomas/Lost Hill Visuals

Vocals: RZA, U-GOD, Cappadonna, Kalman


Sound Survivors | The Backspin Session (Homage to the DJ) w/ Masta Killa, Cappadonna, Aslaam Mahdi

Beat/Cuts: DJ Tom Select

Video Production: Lost Hill Visuals

Art Director: Fantomas

Video Animation: Alex Schnaible (followmedesign.de)


Sound Survivors | The Goblin Session (Street Math) w/ Tos-El Bashir

Beat/Cuts: DJ Tom Select

Vocals: Tos-El Bashir, Marabou, Fantomas, 2FastBlades

Video Production: Lost Hill Visuals